We are an integrated team with nearly 75 years of experience spanning retail marketing and display manufacturing, with designers and fabricators who are truly dedicated.


First Look Display Group specializes in creating winning experiences for your Brand. We focus on elevating your Brand’s customer experience solutions to drive engagement. We take a brand-centric approach to understand your aesthetic and functional requirements and business objectives and then deploy our strategic design process to identify a range of creative solutions that will delight you and your customers.

Big company experience meets practicality and efficiency


Under new ownership in 2018, First Look blends big company experience with small company personalization. With big company experience in branded products marketing, manufacturing and supply chain operations, coupled with extensive expertise in display design and manufacturing and small company personal relationships, we are skilled at combining creativity and imagination with practicality and efficiency.

We work collaboratively with our clients to fully understand key insights and needs and convert them into imaginative solutions that meet their client’s needs and exceed their expectations.


From inquiry to execution, we take a brand-centric approach to understand all aesthetic and functional requirements.

Dean Dalson


For a long time we wanted to have a tight knit organization that focuses on doing work the way we wanted – helping customers and partners grow their businesses and solve their problems with a high level of craftsmanship, professionalism and collaboration. We’ve been fortunate to work in some great large companies and look to apply the right best practices to what we do now at a different scale.

We put our customers first and enjoy working with people and brands that have high standards and a purpose to what they do.

I bring my big company experience in marketing, brand management, supply chains and project management to what we do, along with experience in starting a new venture from the ground up.

We strive to put our customers’ needs first, treat our employees fairly and with respect, and to work with professionalism, flexibility, ingenuity and honesty in everything we do.


Tom Ells


Why would anyone want to run their own business? There are lots of reasons, however the most satisfying is working with a talented team of professionals who get excited when they can create something new and delight our customer. We pride ourselves on fabricating custom products that meet unique requirements.

And we intend to do it with high quality, short lead times and cost effectively. We pride ourselves on being good listeners to accurately understand your needs. The team at First Look has decades of experience and meeting the challenges of our customers is what motivates us.

You can see from our photo gallery that we handle a wide variety of products. Our engineering backgrounds give us the confidence to tackle any problem and our seasoned team knows how to efficiently translate solutions to the production floor.

We believe that if we understand the consumer insights, the requirements of our customer and empower the rest of our team we will be successful.


James Laux

Project Management

I played ice hockey at the collegiate and professional levels and those experiences taught me a lot that helps me in my role here at First Look. I learned how to work in a team environment towards a common goal. I learned that a strong work ethic and preparation are keys to successfully executing a strategy. As a coach, I learned to manage situations and solve problems on the fly. I also learned that taking input from players and staff helped me make better decisions. Now, I take these lessons from a fast-paced competitive sport and apply them in the business world. They fit great with our model of listening first to collaborate better and helping our customers create a vision that we can bring to life for them.

Ken Mulvanna

Operations Manager

My passion for the display and store fixture industry can be traced to my early years as a prototype designer and fixture fabricator. As I progressed in all aspects of this business, whether designing products or running a plant, the idea of “Bringing a display to life” in a cost-effective manner has always been the challenge I have embraced.

My other passion is teaching. What an honor to be called “Coach Ken” by my son’s Little League baseball and hockey buddies, and I’ve been greatly satisfied in passing on my skills and training a co-worker how to design and perform cost estimates with the idea that there are no shortcuts to doing a great job.